The role of the judge:  The judging process for the Façade Awards will rely on the expertise of an impartial panel of industry experts, whose background and experience cover the full spectrum of the sector to ensure that the judging process is objective and fair.

How will the judging process work?  The judges will assess all the relevant submissions and support material submitted via the Façade Awards website. They will then submit their shortlist of entries in each category to the non-voting chair, RCI’s editor, Gabriel Day.

The second stage will involve a final meeting with the judges, which will take place after entries close. Here, the judges will discuss and debate the merits of each entry based on the criteria listed for each category and will allocate points to their winning entry.

In the case of scores being equal, the judges will discuss tied entries once more and if no decision can be reached, the chair will then cast her vote.

Please note that RCI magazine and the panel of awards judges will not enter into any discussion regarding individual entries and/or awards winners. The judging process is strictly confidential to ensure that the judging process is fair.

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