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Most innovative product

Ibstock Futures - Generix Facades

The Generix brick cladding system combines the natural beauty of a clay brick finish, with a mechanically fixed fast track aluminium rail installation.

Extruded clay brick tiles are specifically manufactured to fix mechanically to an extruded aluminium 3 course backing section. These profiled interlocking lengths are mounted in horizontal rows onto the generix lite vertical aluminium support system, and the brick tiles are then clicked in place prior to the mortar being applied.

Finish Line Cladding Collection
James Latham

The Finish Line Cladding Collection is a result of over two years of collaborative product development to produce a sustainable, factory finished exterior cladding range with truly outstanding performance. The team at Dresser Mouldings (Latham’s in-house timber engineering facility) worked with Canadian coatings specialist Sansin and modified wood experts Accsys to bring to market a solution to the age-old issue of peeling paint and lifting finishes on timber cladding panels. An advanced combination of timber sanding, brushing and finishing, combined with a purpose designed coating allows the pigment to lock into the cells in the wood fibre, preventing lifting and peeling. Add this to the renowned minimal atmospheric movement provided by Accoya naturally modified timer, and the system is not subject to decorative cracking often experienced by timber based cladding installations.

Using sustainably farmed softwood, a natural modification process (Acetylation), water borne coatings and a factory finished end product, the system is not only significantly more environmentally sound than it’s man made rivals, but the reduced maintenance and increased redecoration windows offered mean reduced decoration materials, reduced on-site working and reduced cost. The objective for Finish Line was to achieve the ultimate in sustainable, beautiful, long lasting natural timber cladding and we think we might be very, very close.

Brixel Bricks
Ketley Brick Co

Ketley’s ‘Brixel bricks’ are an innovative solution for creating intricate custom patterns, designs, images, or logos in brickwork relief without the need for expensive customized bricks.

They are essentially a set of 5 unique pyramidal shaped clay bricks, which can be volume machine-extruded and arranged to form textured projecting façade designs and images. Each brick shape has either one, two or three pyramidal protrusions in combination with two, one or no flat sections.

Using a pioneering Brixel digital tool, any binary, two-tone image or photo can be converted into brick relief. The tool first pixelates the image, rendering it into “Brixels” consisting of three 65mm pixels. Each pixel is either a light or dark unit and is represented within the design by either a protruding pyramidal brick element or a flat brick element.

The digital tool produces a complete 3D representation of the brick image, determining the placement of each Brixel type and calculating how many of each is required. It also shows how the design will look with sunlight from different directions. Virtually any design can be converted into a two tone, binary design – the larger the façade, the more detail can be introduced.

Ketley’s Brixel Bricks are exceptionally durable with F2 frost resistance rating, suitable for tall, exposed facades in harsh weather conditions and are available in natural Staffordshire clay colours. They can be extruded as full bricks or brick slips for both traditional and modern construction methods.

To demonstrate the potential of ‘Brixel’ technology, Ketley designed and constructed a commemorative 3.5 x 3.5 metre silhouette of HM Queen Elizabeth II in brick relief. The company is making a £350,000 investment to support the production of ‘Brixel bricks, confident that it will be an industry game changer enabling more creative and ambitious textured and architectural brickwork.

Safeshield Class A2 EPDM window and door seal

Safeshield Class A2 EPDM window & door seal has been developed to provide the first class A rated product that is self adhered for use around windows and doors in new build and recladding contracts. Safeshield Class A2 EPDM window & door seal ensures a weather tight, airtight and vapour open seal around the critical point of interface connecting the window and door to the building. Safeshield EPDM has been developed to be flexible allowing the product to move with the building. The ease of installation creating a split liner ensures the exact coverage required on the window and building are consistent and maintained. The class A2 fire rating delivers class leading and significant safety to the building and cavity which is currently not available.