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Best use of a timber clad system

Sherborne School - Sports Centre
T. A. Colbourne Projects with Vincent Timber

The wall Cladding System of this project is composed of Siberian Larch Timber.

Products originally chosen by the architect included timber rain screen cladding, although it was originally horizontally laid in orientation with bespoke timber louvre blades at louvre inlet positions. Due to a large value engineering exercise that occurred pre and post main contractor award, the timber rain screen orientation was changed to vertically installed planks, with spaced planks at louvre inlet positions. The change of spec. meant TAC had to build a small 2m2 mock-up to present to both the client and local authority planning department for their final sign off.

Swan School
Galliford Try and Middlesex Facades with Vincent Timber

The Siberian larch was chosen due to its durability and appearance to blend in with the surrounding environment. A special treatment was applied to the finished larch which allowed the timber to weather rapidly and evenly, so that the overall look of the timber across the different elevations appeared to weather equally.

Each timber plan was pre-drilled with holes for the stainless-steel fixings, to ensure there were no splits down the face of the timber plank. The planks are prone to splitting due to their material properties. The planks were joined together by a tongue and groove edge detail. The planks were installed individually to horizontal timber battens. Care was taken to ensure a minimum ventilation gap was maintained to the rear of the façade to allow for the timber to dry out once wet.