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Best use of a composite panel system

Bishopsgate Preston
The Heaton Group with Proteus Facades

Bishopgate Gardens is a remarkable new residential development situated in the heart of Preston City Centre. To create a luxurious atmosphere within the gardens, Equitone Tectiva cladding boards were installed on the walls, offering a natural and tactile appearance with a subtle yet striking Argent Grey finish that complements the building's contemporary design. The innovative panels provide a visually appealing look to the rooftop gardens while ensuring functionality.

Gordian’s Equitone Tectiva cladding boards were chosen for their exceptional durability, visual appeal, versatility, and sustainability. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, and the panels can withstand extreme weather conditions, have a low carbon footprint, and a long lifespan. Gordian Building Solutions and The Heaton Group collaborated closely throughout the project to ensure the cladding panels were fabricated ahead of schedule and within the allocated budget. The project was completed smoothly with the teams working together effectively.

Storage World Middleton
Acorn Cladding Service with Kingspan and Gordian

The Storage world project is a shining example of how a well-planned and executed construction project can enhance a location's overall aesthetics and complement its surroundings. The team at Acorn construction paid close attention to detail, from the selection of materials to the installation process, to create a contemporary and harmonious scheme.

Kingspan AWP Wall panels were selected in a micro rib design for their sleek and modern look, durability, and flexibility. The sunflower yellow and anthracite colours were deliberately chosen to reflect the Storage World brand's signature colours and create a visually striking contrast that enhanced the project's overall aesthetics.

The choice of Kingspan Quadcore AWP panels also ensured that the project met the highest industry standards in terms of safety and functionality. The panels' superior environmental performance and high level of fire resistance made them an ideal choice for a construction project aiming to reduce its environmental impact and ensure the building's and its occupants' safety.

During the installation process, the project team paid close attention to maintaining the building's vertical interest and promoting the Storage World brand's identity. The two directional installation ensured that the panels were installed in a way that emphasised the
building's design and captured the brand's essence.

Moreover, the installation process was carefully planned to ensure that the panels were installed accurately and efficiently, minimising the need for any additional manipulation. This ensured that the installation was completed on time and within budget, meeting the
project's design specifications.